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  Personal Renewal Renewal of Relationships Organizational Renewal  

The work of Continuous Renewal is transformational ~ beyond learning and change. Participants experience major positive results in their relationship to all that matters in their lives.

25 years of leading people through adversity, loss and change by creating new futures for themselves, their relationships and their organizations.

With Continuous Renewal you will develop the latest communication and conflict resolution powers in dealing with issues you want to resolve in your life.

You will learn to use anxiety as a power tool in expanding beyond what to think - while developing greater wisdom by learning more about how to think.

Personal Renewal   Renewal of Relationships   Organizational Renewal

You Will...

Resolve your most limiting blind spots and habits and move on.

Diminish addictions such as being right and worry.

Respond to challenges without stressful reactions.

Discover your purpose in life and rewrite your own future.


You Will...

Learn to resolve arguments and conflicts in a way that honors your differences.

Create greater harmony in all your relationships.

Renew relationships when
  they have become boring
       or unworkable.

         Learn to convert
          discomfort and
           anxiety into mutual              resolution of


You & Your Team Will...

Reduce destructive practices such as negative corporate politics and “silos”.

Produce a revitalization of your culture
through personal transformation.

Move beyond the latest,
greatest organization
development techniques
and renew your organiz-
ation by harmoniously
blending chaos and order.

Transcend the need for top-
down, imposed accountab-
ility and have all your peo-
ple choose to hold each
other accountable.

Renewal of relationships is only possible through personal renewal.
Both are essential building blocks for the renewal of organizations.